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My Storage | Q&A

Q: My Storage has humidity control? 
A: Yes! Unlike other low price storage facilities, My Storage has 24 hours air conditioning system to keep the "Hong Kong humidity" away from your valuable belongings! 



Q: My Storage has parking facilities?
A: Yes! Besides the car parks at Sing Mei and Ching Cheong buildings, there are also public and private parking spaces available. 


Q: How do I estimate how much space is needed?
A : Most Hong Kong customers require storages of around 16-24 square feet, i.e. around 128-192 cubic feet. We recommend our customers to take a site visit first and have a full understanding of the actual space needed before making any decisions. Our staff is always eager to assist you in maximising the usage of your storage space. 


Q: Do I share my storage space with anyone else?

A: No! Unlike other bulk goods storage facilities or box storage service provider, My Storage provides individual storage units with private lock access to protect your privacy and the security of your belongings. Your mini storage unit is for your exclusive use. 



Q: How about security? 
A: My Storage understands that security is your top concern when leaving your belongings outside. All of our mini storage facilities are built using strong steel plates, and the site is fully covered and equipped with top quality CCTV and surveillance system to ensure that My Storage can provide the best security to our customers.  



Q: Can I access the storage at night or on weekend? 
A: Yes! With your personalized security card, you can access your storage unit at My Storage 24 hours, 7 days a week. 



Q: How about cleaniness? 
A: My Storage provides regular cleaning and pest control to our sites. 


Q: Do you provide transport and moving services? 
A: My Storage can arrange our reliable logistic partners to assist in moving your belongings into your storage units. 



Q: Are there any other hidden costs? 
A: Not at all. My Storage focuses on providing the best value for your money. Unlike many other big storage corporation, we do not charge any application fee, administration fees, etc. 

Q: Any special discounts if I sign 1-year contract? 
A: Yes! Besides our special discount of as low as 44% off, we offer an extra 1 month free service for any 12-month prepayments. 

Q: Do I have to sign an agreement when I move in? 
A: Yes. All of our customers must sign the Storage Service Agreement which license you to use our storage unit services. We would also require 2 month deposit and address proof (latest 3-month bank statement, telephone bills, utility bills, etc.) For corporate customers, please bring along a copy of the Business Registration Certificate. 


Q: Do I need to sign any new agreement for renewal? 
A: No. The agreement is automatically renewed as long as customers continue to pay the monthly fee. 

Q: How to arrange payments? 
A: Please refer to Payment Methods





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